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Escrito por: Suzy Devoz
18 Feb 14

Decor luxo

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Para as it brides que querem fazer um chá ou uma pré festa  para as “migs” para ficar na história, que tal se inspirar em algo fashion como a grife Chanel? A designer Clarissa Rezende arrasou em cada detalhe. Sintam o know-how desta artista!

 Fotos Lan RodriguesJoão Coelho

Escrito por: Suzy Devoz
16 Aug 13

Bridal shower

The bridal showers are becoming increasingly elaborate, neat and stylish, what a luxury this themed decór for bridal shower, the theme was Marie Antoinette. Inspire yourself on this and create a theme that has everything to do with you.






















Decor: Verbena Flores


Escrito por: Suzy Devoz
16 May 13

Pink, black and chic bridal shower

Bridal shower in black and pink … beautiful, precious.
A very noticing decor, full of style and who goes towards two colors that, in principle, together wouldn’t combine well.
To give the sensual mood … much lace, beads and ruffles – and so many roses …
Romanticism was on account of scattered flowers on every table, contrasting with the black wares, a luxury!
Notice the chandelier … is something so beautiful!
And even the tent that was armed was the color pink!
Featured the dark china, mixed with pink satin napkins.













Fonte: DeSaboya